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[Cold water or hot water is better? 】

[Cold water or hot water is better? 】

Many people may be thinking, why I use the same method of facial cleansing, but the effect is not as good as others? Don't think that washing your face is easy, and using the wrong method will hurt your skin!

Water temperature for washing face
I believe everyone has used cold water and hot water to wash their face, but using different water temperatures will have different effects on the skin! When washing face with cold water, the skin will always feel tight. Too low water temperature will make it difficult to wash away the residue on the face, and it will also irritate the skin. If you use hot water to wash your face, although it is easier to wash away the oil on the face, it will cause excessive expansion of pores and capillaries. If you have sensitive skin, the grooving muscle is also more likely to deteriorate, and hot water will reduce the skin's moisturizing ability. The problem of insufficient moisture can cause acne and pimples. So please try to wash your face with cold water at 20 degrees!

Precautions for face washing
In addition to water temperature, the frequency of washing your face is also very important, try to control it in the morning and evening. People who have less oil on their face can choose to use a facial cleanser. If the sebum secretion is very strong, please don’t wash your face frantically. Improve it by diet and living habits. Please wash the parts that are prone to oil and contact with dirt first. It can also prevent dry parts from being over-washed.

Please don't neglect every detail of facial cleansing, facial cleansing is a major foundation for skin care!