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[Stool nicknamed Qi review   see how many do you know? 】

[Stool nicknamed Qi review   see how many do you know? 】

Eat more and sit for a long time, and intestinal peristalsis slows down. Although many urban people are plagued by constipation problems, such as fake belly, breath and acne, but constipation is not common to everyone. On the contrary, since we were born, we have bowel movements. It is our lifelong "friend". How deep do you know this "friend"? Do you know other names for stool since ancient times?

In ancient times, the imperial examination was a major event in life. Students who took the imperial examination must obtain the "Respect and Respect" sign before they could enter and leave the toilet and the examination room with the sign. The original intention was to show a solemn and respectful attitude towards the imperial examination. Even when going to the toilet, they must be respectful and respectful. Without losing etiquette. Over time, everyone simply uses "out of courtesy" to represent going to the toilet, and "out of courtesy" means defecation.

Change clothes
In ancient times, people's clothes were varied and complicated. Therefore, every time you go to the toilet, you have to undress and untie your clothes. Especially when it takes time to defecate, it is more convenient to organize your clothes. Therefore, the stool is euphemistically referred to as "changing". .

For many people in Hong Kong, although "shit" is difficult to be elegant, it is the most straightforward way of saying defecation. Looking at other parts of China, there are actually many people who call stool "shit", including Chengdu, Nanjing, Hohhot, and Wuxi. why? It turns out that the word "屙" appeared before the Southern Dynasties, meaning "to go to the toilet." "Shit" is probably the result of the spread of culture and language.

Rock blasting was originally one of the civil engineering projects, why was it later used as a stool? It is believed that it is because the stool is like a blast, especially for patients with constipation, the lack of fiber in the intestines, and the lack of water in the body will make the stool process more difficult, and the patient needs to defecate hard to push the stool out of the body. , It is time-consuming and laborious like blasting, and once blasted, it also gives people a comfortable feeling of letting go of the boulder.

踎 means "squatting", and tower is a toilet, so "踎塔" means squatting toilet. Why does squatting on the toilet mean stool? For many men, they squat or sit on the toilet to go to the toilet only when they have a bowel movement. Do you understand this?

Office, do big things
Relative to urination, defecation generally takes a longer time, so some people call it "office" or "doing big things."

Children who learn to speak babble generally understand the world through overlapping characters. Poo itself is the English word for feces. Compared with the vulgarity of "shit" and "poop", many parents like to use poo-poo instead of poop or "poop". To teach children how to use the toilet.

Plant sweet potatoes, plant taro
Taiwanese for stool. Before the development of Taiwan, many places depended on agriculture for their livelihoods. Because the cultivated land was often far away from their homes, people used a hoe to dig holes when they had the third emergency, and then buried the feces after defecation. In addition, the shape and color of taro or sweet potatoes are similar to feces. Similarly, Taiwanese use "planting taro" and "planting sweet potatoes" to refer to stool.