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[Remove bad habits   the "secret" secret of going to the toilet freely]

[Remove bad habits   the "secret" secret of going to the toilet freely]

Flush the toilet with a toilet cover, wash your hands for 20 seconds, do not put toilet paper on the toilet floor, and leave the toilet immediately after going to the toilet... The new crown pneumonia epidemic has not only made everyone pay more attention to personal hygiene, and even broke the toilet "trap" one by one. There are fewer myths related to health. The "traps" of toileting must be avoided, and bad habits of going to the toilet can also induce various physical problems. What are these bad habits? Come and find out!


Put down your phone and do "serious things"

Urban people don’t leave their hands on the "machine", and they have long been accustomed to using mobile phones in the toilet. Sometimes they become addicted to playing and even forget the "serious things" to do in the toilet. Sitting on the toilet for a long time not only causes the rectal veins to be squeezed for a long time to induce hemorrhoids, but the stool is also retracted into the intestines because it is not discharged in time. The large intestine continues to absorb the water in the stool, and the stool becomes drier. It is harder to form constipation, and constipation further aggravates the problem of hemorrhoids. The two are mutually cause and effect, and the vicious circle is difficult to solve. Putting down your mobile phone before going to the toilet is definitely the first step in solving the problem.


Do you have to rely on brute force for hard stools?

Because the stool becomes dry and hard due to constipation and requires more effort to be discharged, a slight inadvertent use of "brute force" can easily lead to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. In mild cases, an anal fissure will form, and in severe cases, the rectum will be directly pushed out. Anus, this is the so-called "prolapse". What's more, when working hard, it may increase cardiovascular pressure, induce heart disease and even sudden death. Prevention is better than cure. A high-fiber diet can help soften stools and keep bowel movements smooth. It is the only way to prevent or improve constipation.


Go back fast15minute

The ideal time for a bowel movement should be within 10 minutes. If you cannot complete a bowel movement or lose your bowel movement after 15 minutes, stop sitting on the toilet at this time and stand up! Otherwise, sitting on the toilet for a long time will continue to form a vicious circle with constipation and hemorrhoids, causing stool and toxins to accumulate in the body, which will become the source of various physical problems. Seventy percent of the human body’s immune cells are gathered in the intestines. To enhance the body’s immunity, learn to maintain intestinal health. In addition to relying on high-fiber foods and probiotics, it is also quite powerful to get rid of the bad habit of toileting that causes constipation and stool. "Assists"!