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It's better to apply a mask day by day than to do the following things.

It's better to apply a mask day by day than to do the following things.

Be kind to the "human scavenger" to give you smooth and healthy skin

With the coming of winter, the weather is getting drier, in order to keep the skin in good shape, ladies are afraid to slow down, creams, eye creams, masks and serum and so on every day "multi-pronged", only hope to be able to rehydrate, whitening, maintenance effort meticulous. However, the skin is not only one of the body organs, it is a mirror reflecting the physical condition, if the body's accumulated toxins can not be drained, forming itching and rashes and other troubles, acne also took advantage of the forehead, down to the mouth burst, then more, more expensive, more famous skin care products are difficult to solve the problem. Want to keep your skin white? Then we should cultivate a good habit of clearing the house and removing toxins as soon as possible.

High-fiber diet Keep the intestinal detox line tight

Body detox has two basic lines of defense, the first is the skin and the second is the intestine. About 80% of the toxins in the body will be excreted from the skin along with sweat, but urban people for a long time in the air-conditioning, sweat gland function slightly less lead to toxins difficult to excrete, this time rely on the intestines to be "human scavengers." Intestinal health, reflected in the skin is shiny, elastic ruddy skin; Generally speaking, if detogation is less than twice a day and less than three times a week, it may even be constipation or cesto constipation problems, which must be improved by stimulating intestinal peristalticism with a high-fiber diet, and drinking more water and exercise can also help promote metabolism and relieve constipation. Detox do a good job, in order to help the skin more effective absorption of skin care nutrients, and no harm.

Apart from a high-fiber diet, in recent years many people have suggested eating probiotics or enzymes to improve constipation, the former helping to improve intestinal health and the latter helping gastrointestinal digestion, both of which can be tried at once. However, it is worth mentioning that dietary fiber not only helps to drain the cestosis, but also has the role of lowering cholesterol, preventing constipation and hemorrhoids, and fruits and vegetables and other high-fiber foods are easy to obtain, from the inside out, is so easy and simple.