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[Effective indoor fat elimination method]

[Effective indoor fat elimination method]

Get up at 8 o'clock to work, 12 o'clock for lunch, 3 o'clock to continue afternoon tea, 6 o'clockGet off work, last supper at eight, and go to bed at eleven. More than two-thirds of lifeTime is spent in work and sleep, even if there is occasional leisure, it is oftenTrivial entanglement, want to reduce the belly belly because of sitting for a long time? Absolutely notIt's just a matter of losing the braised pork belly and oily chicken double rice for lunch. Know how to make good use of office orDuring rest time, exercise indoors to burn fat anytime and anywhere, 99% of people think it is effectiveLet’s introduce the great indoor fat-removing method!

Rolling back and forth on the ground   intestinal peristalsis to clear the stool
Belly can be formed by accumulation of fat, or it can be caused by stool problems. Body poisonThe long-term accumulation of vegetarian, the skin becomes thicker and dull, the body is swollen, and the belly suddenly appearsWill also betray your physical condition. A high-fiber diet can clear up the stool, as long as every daySpend 10 minutes lying on the ground, make sure that your belly is facing the ground, and then stretch your hands forwardStraight, the body rolls back and forth at least 5 times, which can also improve intestinal peristalsis.Helps solve constipation and stool problems.

Reduce belly for 30 seconds every day. Everyone can do it
In addition to fat, the belly also has muscles around it. The famous Japanese "Uemori-style belly reduction method""It is convenient to use muscle memory to achieve the effect of fat elimination. There are only three steps, very simplesingle. First, straighten your back so that your belly feels like being pulled; then relax your shouldersThe bladder, the last is to shrink belly hard. The belly contraction action needs to be maintained for 30 seconds, every day toDo it once less, and you will see results gradually over a month. Whether it’s going to work, taking a car, or taking a break after dinnerI still work in the office, I have to squeeze out 30 seconds, there is absolutely no strong pointIs it difficult?

Muscle training   aerobic exercise
Many people still use traditional sit-ups to eliminate their belly, but the effect has been mediocre? whenOf course, the consumption of this action is low, and there is no damage to the fat layer of the belly at all. To effectively eliminate fat, muscle training and aerobic exercise can be combined to improve basic metabolismRate, such as running on the spot, skipping rope, plank support and the popular HIIT (High-intensity interval training), etc., are all high-quality exercises suitable for indoors.Since you have to wear a mask even for outdoor running during the epidemic, it is better to stay at home "on your own belly"Reduce your belly!"