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[Sugar is the biggest enemy of the skin? 】

[Sugar is the biggest enemy of the skin? 】

Desserts, bubble tea, and ice cream are often difficult for women to resist, but unexpectedly, sugar will directly damage the skin and make the skin worse and worse.

Premature skin aging
Excessive intake of sugar will cause the remaining sugar to attach to cell proteins, causing the "glycation effect", which will make the originally elastic collagen and elastin harden, causing the skin to lose its original elasticity, which is prone to wrinkles and loose skin appear.

Increased acne
Eating too much sugar will directly affect the skin's oil metabolism, and increased oil secretion will increase acne. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, sugar can aggravate skin inflammation. Inflammation is the main cause of acne. Reducing the intake of sugar can help reduce acne.

Want the secret to rejuvenate your skin? As long as the daily sugar intake is well controlled, the problem of skin aging can be delayed. The World Health Organization recommends that the daily sugar intake of adults and children should not exceed 5 to 10% of the total calories. As long as it does not exceed this value, adequate sugar intake is still acceptable.