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"Knowing the food composition, intestinal protection "gastric" reversal victory"

"Knowing the food composition, intestinal protection "gastric" reversal victory"

In the early years of Taiwan, a "plasticization incident" caused by plasticizers revealed that many foods, including pastries, breads, sports drinks and even pearl milk tea, contained industrial plasticizers, which at one point caused panic. In fact, processed food containing food additives is common, as long as it does not affect health, is generally accepted by the public. However, the daily diet or popular snacks contain more than one ingredient or food additive that affects gastrointestinal health, you know?

Refined added sugar
When we were little, we were told that candy was tooth decaying, and when we grew up, we knew that sugar was the culprit of obesity. As the public pay more and more attention to food nutrition and safety, many studies have pointed out that sugar is more closely related to gastrointestinal discomfort, more commonly, is to induce gastroesophal reflow (gastric acid reflow).

Why is that? The reason is that sugar into the stomach will stimulate the secretion of stomach acid, too much stomach acid will form heartburn, bloating and heartburn and other symptoms, gastrointestinal health is weak, but also because of too much stomach acid and aggravate the original inflammatory symptoms, remember to note.

Polysorbital esters 80
Many people think that milk is a naturally healthy drink, and in fact some milk is added with emulsifying agents to enhance taste and extend the preservation period, and one of the emulsions, Polysorbate-80, has been linked to leaky Gut.

Studies have suggested that polysorbital 80 enters the intestines, alters the microbiome in the intestines, induces an inflammatory reaction in the intestines, and increases the risk of colorectal cancer if consumed over a long period of time. Intestinal health is subject to microbial strains, and thankfully, by adding intestinal probiotics, there is a chance to balance the bad bacteria or reverse the intestinal condition affected by polysorbital 80. Dietary fiber is a probiotic food, eating more dietary fiber not only helps to improve intestinal peristalsis, but also can increase good bacteria, for intestinal health to strive for "reversal victory".