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Managing Stress and Emotions Through Diet

Managing stress and mood through diet

 Mental health depends on eating shrewdly?

Emotional personality, emotional illness problems many people are slightly familiar with or even familiar with, but what is the "emotional diet"? Don't think you can be alone if you have nothing to do with yourself, review your diet, and maybe you and I have fallen into the "emotional diet" trap.


Learn about "emotional eating"

Urban life rhythm is tense, busy and stressful, easy to suppress personal feelings, the formation of heavy or light emotional and mental distress. Some people are busy with their work can not leave, some people believe that they can solve the problem alone, some people choose to avoid refusing to face, many people are difficult to vent their emotions through positive channels such as talk, companionship and meditation, so the pressure and emotions are gradually reflected in eating habits, and even accumulated into imperceptible eating problems.


Simply put, when encountering an "emotional diet", we want to eat and eat, even when full, do not need to eat will not stop eating and drinking, eating action or process, only to meet the needs of the inner expression of stress, so "emotional diet" not only causes a vicious circle of mental distress, but also leads to obesity, overweight, constipation, celibudia, as well as heart disease and diabetes and other chronic diseases, not only can not express pressure, or even in turn form other emotional problems, nor cure.


High fiber magic dark green vegetables

Although eating and drinking is not the cure for the disease, proper eating does help in managing stress and mood effectively. A high-fiber diet not only allows the body to drain excess toxins, giving people a feeling of lightness and happiness, eating enough dietary fiber also helps to stabilize blood sugar, while dark green vegetables are rich in vitamins, can maintain the normal functioning of the immune system, calcium in vegetables more to relieve the wonderful effect of mood.


In the past, many studies and discussions have pointed out that folic acid in vegetables helps to increase mood-regulating substances in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, which have a positive effect on the relief of emotional feelings such as depression and anxiety. In addition to dark green vegetables such as kale and spinach and so on, soybeans, bananas contain magnesium, nuts, oats contain vitamin B group, fresh fruits and vegetables are more a rich source of dietary fiber, all of which are suitable for eating more. Good body to eat, absorb well, sick go go, less trouble, mental health naturally add points!