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Is there a time to eat bananas? 】

Is there a time to eat bananas? 】

Last mentioned banana is to help detocation, intestinal urination of a good helper, and taste sweet, can be paired with a lot of ingredients to produce food, coupled with soft taste, cheap, suitable for all ages of people to eat. But eating bananas also depends on the timing, otherwise it will be banana to sick Oh!

For the average person, eating a half-cooked, spoted banana is the healthiest. Banana spots on behalf of cooked through, sugar will increase, sugar index is very high, brown urine patients or people who need to control blood sugar try not to eat. What about the raw bananas? Raw bananas contain a large amount of acid, there is a convergence effect, so easy to cause constipation, if you think eating bananas can help detocation, it would be counterproductive.

Ripe bananas, though fragrant and sweet, should not overeat. Because bananas contain more potassium elements, if ingested in a short period of time too much, will cause a sharp increase in potassium content in the blood, feeling numb, muscle paralysis, drowsiness and so on. In addition, avoid eating bananas on an empty stomach, there is no food in the stomach that can help digest together, may allow the stomach to creep faster, promote blood circulation, so that the stomach adds more burden. Therefore, people with weak stomachs should not eat bananas on an empty stomach.