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[Eat fruit before or after meal?]

[Eat fruit before or after meal?]

When you eat, the stomach is like a reservoir, only a small amount of water is released at a time, making your intestines easy to digest; plus, the small intestine will try to absorb nutrients. Studies have pointed out that the intestine has the ability to absorb twice the nutrition of the average person's average food intake.

This huge absorption range also represents the absorption of nutrients from fruits, which is very simple for the digestive system, so it is the same whether you eat fruits before or after meals, or eat fruits on an empty stomach and full stomach.

The conclusion is that you can eat fruit at any time of the day; there is no evidence that you should avoid eating fruit in the afternoon or after meals. Fruits are very healthy, nutritious and suitable for weight loss. People who lose weight can choose to eat high-fiber fruits to maintain a sense of fullness.