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There are three main reasons for the formation of the tone, and the improvement of the tone does not seek people.

There are three main reasons for the formation of the tone, and the improvement of the tone does not seek people.

Step into the winter, the size of the festival activities followed, not to be able to get together with friends, chewing. But in a social setting, the tone of the question is embarrassing and unsettling? Even if your daily diet is light and you brush your teeth day and night, it won't help? To completely improve the tone, we must start from the root cause, in-depth understanding of the cause behind the tone, so as to "know each other, win a hundred wars."


Tonsil gland stones Deep throat difficult to brush

The tone is commonly known as "bad breath", as the name implies, the most superficial reason is related to the unclean mouth. In general, dental-related problems, such as periodontology caused by dental stones, are common causes of breath problems. In addition, since saliva helps clean the mouth, inadequate saliva secretion will not only cause necrotic cells to accumulate tooth and tongue, throat dirt, food residue and bacteria will also be easy to accumulate near the tonsil glands, forming an odorous tonsil gland stones, difficult to remove through brushing and mouthwash. Dairy products such as cheese and cheese can help improve oral bacteria, thereby preventing the formation of tonsil stones and having a positive effect on the prevention of tone.


Tonic hot pot easy to fire hot air to become smelly

Surveys have shown that the problem of breathing is becoming more serious in winter, and the reason is related to eating habits. Winter is not only hot pot and flavor season, snake soup and old fire soup and other tonic food treatment, but also cause people to over-replenish and hot air, sore throat, and then form oral ulcers, dry mouth and bitter mouth symptoms, coupled with spicy and oily food produced by the strong smell mixed together, forming an inexplicable tone, even if it is only temporary, seasonal, but also disturbing. If you mix tobacco and alcohol again, the tone problem is more stubborn.


Cebu accumulates toxins in a warmbed of odor

Winter weather is cold, many people have a great reduction in exercise, intestinal peristaltic affected, not only more prone to constipation and cestosum than summer, if the intestines long-term accumulation of toxins, belly nothing, deep breath problems will affect daily social and life. The cause of gastrointestinal problems is often less obvious, difficult to find, but as long as you maintain good eating habits, through a high-fiber diet to absorb enough dietary fiber, you can go to celist every day, clear toxins, relaxed, everyone can do!