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Acne on the chin because of wearing a mask? It turns out [this] the reason is also very important!

Acne on the chin because of wearing a mask? It turns out [this] the reason is also very important!
From 2020 to now, you have to wear a mask almost every day. It is good to blow the air-conditioning indoors at a comfortable temperature. The worst case is to go out for car, work or activities. The weather is hot and humid, making the entire jaw and mouth grow. It's very annoying!
Change masks frequently to reduce exposure to bacteria
Wearing a mask for a long time is easy to irritate the skin, and the humid and unventilated mask environment can also cause bacteria to accumulate in the mask, causing skin sensitivity and redness, itching and inflammation. So remember to clean your face thoroughly every day, change the mask frequently to keep the mask clean or avoid going out To reduce the time and frequency of wearing masks.
Pay attention to drinking, the gastrointestinal reasons cannot be ignored
Another key reason is the daily eating habits. The chin is the part where the oil secretion is strong. Frequent consumption of fried, greasy, fast food, processed foods, cold foods or low-fiber foods, coupled with insufficient drinking water, can easily accumulate toxins and wastes in the body, leading to the secretion of the large intestine, and eventually the chin and mouth The sides are covered with acne!
In addition to quitting or reducing the intake of the above foods, diligently sweeping away the accumulated stools in the body is also one of the solutions. Every day, you should eat more high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc., and develop regular and timely defecation every day, so that the intestinal tract will minimize the accumulation of stool, and the chin skin will slowly become smooth and beautiful.