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明星網紅熱捧、爆紅香港的Future Salad正式登陸泰國

即時發布: 2022年1月31日-   Future Salad於香港推出後,深受明星網紅熱愛,Future Salad香港總公司非常高興地於農曆新年前宣布 - 新沙律正式於泰國推出!

品牌首次登陸泰國,與同樣來自香港的CircleDNA 於充滿中國風的曼谷唐人街 ASIA酒店聯合舉辦了「與Future Salad探索健康」活動。讓當地明星網紅即時體驗到高纖新沙律的好處,當中แนน-ชิดชนก ชิดชอบ、แพรี่พาย-อมตา จิตตะเสนีย์ 及 คิม วิสุทธารมณ์ 更即場分享了健康生活心得 。 

泰國Future Salad產品經理Ploy Bhinsaeng  (พลอย ปิ่นแสง),同時為一位提倡健康生活的泰國國家隊馬球運動員,她表示:「我希望Future Salad能夠成為大家生活上不可或缺的健康產品」高纖新沙律能提供日常飲食攝取不足的營養和膳食纖維同時非常方便進食,一杯等如5碗沙律一樣的營養。「Future Salad正正徹底改變行業、改變沙律概念的產品。搖一搖,喝一口。由內而外地照顧自己,釋放身心、增添活力。」 

總部位於香港的Future Salad,認為健康是萬事之本,因此結合大自然與科技,研發生產新一代未來健康食品。Future Salad適合各年齡的人,適合關注體重、希望解決便秘、消化不良、皮膚暗沉、粉刺、口臭及高血壓等問題的人。

Loved by many celebrities and KOLs, the popular Future Salad from Hong Kong launched in Thailand

HONG KONG, 31st Jan 2022  Ever since the launch of Future Salad in Hong Kong, it has been deeply loved by many celebrities and KOLs. Future Salad Hong Kong is very pleased to announce the official launch of the Detox future salad in Thailand before the joyous Chinese New Year.


To celebrate the brand stepping foot in Thailand, the "Let’s explore wellness together with Future Salad" event was held at the ASIA Hotel in Bangkok's Chinatown. Let local celebrities and KOLs experience the benefits of the future salad. แนน - ชิดชนก ชิด ชิด, แพรี่ พาย - อมตา จิตตะ เสนีย์ and คิม วิสุทธารมณ์ also shared their experience on how to live healthily during the event.


Ploy Bhinsaeng (พลอย ปิ่นแสง), the Product Manager of Future Salad in Thailand, who is also a professional polo player for the Thai National team who advocates living healthily said "I hope Future Salad can become an indispensable health product in everyone's life!" The flagship product Detox Future Salad can provide nutrients and dietary fiber that are insufficient in the daily diet. It is very convenient to consume at the same time. One sachet is equivalent to 5 bowls of salad nutrition. "Future Salad is a product that is revolutionizing the industry and changing the concept of salad. Just simply shake it and take a sip. Take care of yourself from the inside out, release your mind and body, and re-energize yourself." 


Future Salad originated from Hong Kong, believes health serves as the foundation of all. Therefore combining nature and technology to create a new generation of health foods-- the future salad. It is for all ages, especially for those who are weight-controlling, find a solution to constipation, indigestion, dull skin complexion, pimples and acne problem, bad breath, and high blood pressure.