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Allklear 全清新沙律 - 顛覆傳統沙律的大熱新產品

Unstoppable Growth Against the Trend

From the social movement in 2019 to the horror of the current Covid-19 epidemic, Hong Kong’s economy has been stagnant. Despite the worry about Hong Kong’s long-term prospects and prolonged dampened consumer sentiment, Allklear was still able to break through amidst the adversity. In June 2021, it recorded a year-on-year sales growth of 245%; and has completed an 8-digit HKD round of Pre-A financing with prominent VCs in August.


Led by Gobi Ventures; Dazheng Ventures, Vectr Ventures, Novel Tycoon and other established funds have invested in Allklear, hoping to improve the lives of modern people by encouraging the culture of healthy living and environmental protection.


Innovative Health & Food Tech Company

Allklear was founded in 2018 by a group of co-founders who love sports, pursue a healthy lifestyle, and care for the environment. Working with a group of like-minded, energetic and enthusiastic young people, utilizing cutting-edge technology with all-natural ingredients, Allklear has successively manufactured a variety of hot-selling health products. Endorsed by medical professionals, amplified word-of-mouth by celebrities* and Internet influencers**, Allklear is able to effectively spread the advantages of the product to its customers, achieving impressive sales mainly through its online store and chain stores offline.


Environmentally Friendly & Healthy New Diet

Modern people care about health and environmental protection. Oatly, Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Green Common and other companies have launched new plant-based milk, meat and other products, which are favored by consumers, major funds and investors. What consumers pay attention to in food has already transcended from the food’s basic color, aroma, and taste to another level. Simple sensory stimulation can no longer meet consumers' health and aspirational needs.


Pioneering Aerospace Technology with All-natural Ingredients

Allklear Future Salad, successfully developed by our own professional and medical team with ten years of painstaking research, is a proud product that combines nature and technology. It meets many special requirements of space food, such as small size, light weight, nutritionally rich and convenience for consumption. Upon the launch of the product in 2019 in Hong Kong, it was very well received and continued to break sales records. It was sought after by celebrities and Internet influencers. We also received orders from many different countries outside of Hong Kong.


The Smart Choice of Modern People

Using aerospace food-grade freeze-drying technology, rich nutrients are extracted from as many as 12 natural materials in the golden ratio. One sachet of Future Salad offers equivalent amount of nutrients as 5 bowls of salad, including vitamins B, C, E, K, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, amino acids and dietary fiber.


Each pack of salad in the market ranges from HK$45-75. Assuming a median price of HK$60, if you replace traditional salad with Future Salad, you can save about HK$600 for 30 meals. If you spend 35 minutes per meal to buy and eat salad, while it only takes about 5 minutes to prepare and drink Future Salad, you can save about 15 hours for every 30 meals you eat.


Drinking a sachet of the delicious Allklear Future Salad can easily give you the nutrition of 5 bowls of salad with only 21kcal calories, saving you a lot of time and money. It is definitely a nutritional gift for modern people.


Care for the Earth, Everyone Is Responsible

The nutrition of a 7-sachet box of Allklear Future Salad is equivalent to 35 bowls of traditional salad, and each sachet weighs only 12g. It takes 98% less space to store and transport than that of traditional boxed salads. If 30% of the population in Hong Kong drinks Allklear Future Salad instead of traditional salad, we can reduce about 515,000 tons of carbon emissions, 11,000 tons of plastic boxes and 1,205 tons of food waste every year.


China Is Ready to Feast On Future Salad

With the extraordinary enthusiasm for Future Salad and the support of new investors, in the near term Allklear plans to start with the Greater Bay Area, seize the mainland Chinese market, spread our products overseas and create another international health food sensation. We vow to share our care of environmental protection, waste reduction and healthy living with the world.

The following social media statistics are dated as of August 6, 2021
* 933 Celebrity Posts About Allklear; Exposure: 142M people reached
** Influencer Posts About Allklear: 2,941; Exposure: 59M people reached