Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology

Aerospace-grade High-spec food standards

Nutritious, easy to digest and delicious 

Drinking a sachet of Detox Future Salad is equivalent to ingesting 5 bowls of salad nutrition. In addition to being easily absorbed and digested, the liquidized salad has a sweet and tangy taste. Delicious and easy to consume.

Light and precise packaging 

A pack of Detox Future Salad weighs only 12 grams. Its light weight makes the product easy to carry. The sealed packaging bag keeps the powder fresh and intact; the easy-to-tear packaging seal makes it extra convenient to  prepare. 

Consumption process is made to be as simple as possible, without unnecessary waste of energy

The preparation procedure of Detox    Future Salad is very simple and convenient. Just shake the Future Salad and water in the bottle until it is thoroughly mixed, and you can drink it immediately. No complicated tools or special ingredients are needed.  Just shake and go!  Literally!

Easy to clean after consumption 

As the preparation procedure is very simple, the only thing you need is a water bottle. Just clean the water bottle after drinking, and you can enjoy this stress-free nourishing experience.

Aerospace-grade Technology Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology

1. Rapid Freezing 

Rapidly freeze vegetables in -40 °C  

Turning all the water content in the foods into solid ice.

2. Sublimation 

Water vapor sublimates frozen solid ice in a 20 pa vacuum chamber.

3. Drying

Heat for over 48 hours to remove any remaining moisture.

4. Powder Forming 

Shape ingredients into fibers of various sizes with a spray gun.

5. Ultimately achieving the Golden Ratio