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Detox Future Salad Drink Mix (Ginger) 7 Sachets #ALLKLEAR


Detox Future Salad Drink Mix (Ginger) was developed by professional team uses the aero-space grade technology "Krystallos Sublimation Drying technology", based on the original Detox Salad Drink Mix formula, adding gingerol and then re-distributes the perfect ratio of ingredients and amounts , to achieve a new flavor of salad. #ALLKLEAR #Ginger

Good for Spleen: Dissect the benefits of Ginger

6 Amazing Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has many benefits for the body. In addition to helping the body to get rid of  coldness, remove humidity trap in body, sterilize, and improve intestinal health, it can also enhance the body's immunity, resist inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, and slow down aging.

6 major benefits of Ginger:
-Dispel cold and warm the body
-Strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach
-Remove humidity trap in body and reduce swelling
-Boost metabolism
-Relieve pain and prevent colds.

What's the difference between Detox Salad Drink Mix and Detox Salad Drink Mix(Ginger)? 高纖新沙律飲 Detox Future Salad Drink Mix (薑味)

Detox Future Salad Mix is made with 100% pure natural ingredients. It is extracted from more than 10 kinds of pure natural vegetables and fruits. It can supplement nutrients that cannot be ingested in ordinary meals, and provide various health protection for the human body. The Ginger-flavored Salad Drink is based on the original formula and added gingerol, which can improve the sterilization function in the stomach and intestines.

Product Information

Light Weight Easy to Carry

Future Salad is smaller than an iPhone SE, easy to carry.

Overview of Future Salad Salad Drink Mix 

Nutrition Ingredients

Content: Each box contains 7 sachets. Each sachet is 12g

Package size: 12 x 4.2 x 16 cm (H)

Package weight: 163g

Origin: Hong Kong

Product Certification

Future Salad Salad Drink Mix is manufactured in Hong Kong's GMP factory. It has passed the STC  quality certification, and has won many authoritative certifications such as SGS testing certification, Certified Vegan certification, and Halal certification. It has also been selected as a 2020 Hong Kong Rising Star Brand. Future Salad stands out and are definitely the choice of confidence.

Detox Future Salad Drink Mix (Ginger) 7 Sachets #ALLKLEAR