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Anti-Aging Salad Drink Mix 7 sachets #FOREVERYOUNG


What is Anti-Aging Salad Mix?

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Salad Drink Mix.
An innovation beverage proudly made in Hong Kong.

Anti-aging Salad Drink Mix is made from natural vegan ingredients. Using aerospace food technology, preserving all of the valuable antioxidants and nutrients. Simply add water and shake well to enjoy the delicious anti-aging effect. One sachet contains premium ingredients such as Resveratrol, coenzyme Q10, grape seed extract and turmeric etc. It helps to restore body function and slow down aging.

Anti-aging Salad drink mix was formulated by a professional team of doctors, nutritionists and scientific researchers.The Golden Anti-aging formula was successfully created to help repair damaged stem cells, promote skin elasticity and restore youth.

Product Information

Light Weight Easy to Carry

Future Salad is smaller than an iPhone SE, easy to carry.

Overview of Future Salad Salad Drink Mix 

Nutrition Ingredients

Content: Each box contains 7 sachets. Each sachet is 15g

Package size: 12 x 4.2 x 16 cm (H)

Package weight: 205g

Origin: Hong Kong

Product Certification

Future Salad Salad Drink Mix is manufactured in Hong Kong's GMP factory. It has passed the STC  quality certification, and has won many authoritative certifications such as SGS testing certification, Certified Vegan certification, and Halal certification. It has also been selected as a 2020 Hong Kong Rising Star Brand. Future Salad stands out and are definitely the choice of confidence.

Anti-Aging Salad Drink Mix 7 sachets #FOREVERYOUNG