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KOL-Miky Cheng

I have been eating super rich for a long time, and I have used the side stove and grilled, more meat and less vegetables😥Eating too much but having less bowel movements and unclear excretion make the toxins accumulate and the body feels overwhelmed. Lucky thereAll-clear ALLKLEAR fiber powder, 1 cup = 5 bowls of salad fiber 🥗 Helps the body clear the stool and toxins, so that I can enjoy the food to the full and ensure the intestinal health💚🍏🍐🥝
I heard that Song Meiling was 40 years old after suffering from cancer and enema every day, and eventually lived to 106 years old. It can be seen that cleaning the intestines is the wisdom of the ancients and is a necessary topic for health preservation.

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