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Future Salad

Detox Salad Drink Mix 30 sachets #ALLKLEAR

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    新沙律 Detox Future Salad 30包裝 | Salad Drink Mix | 全清 Allklear
    飲用指引 | 新沙律 Detox Future Salad 30包裝 | 全清 Allklear
    Lets Drink Future Salad | 全清 Allklear
    營養標籤 | 新沙律 Detox Future Salad 30包裝 | 全清 Allklear

    What is Allklear Salad Drink Mix? 

    Future Salad Drink Mix is a drinkable salad.

    Developed over 10 years by a professional team, including doctors, nutritionists, and researchers, Future Salad New Salad Drink uses exclusive formulas and space food technology called "freeze-drying technology" to preserve the most natural nutritional elements of over ten types of natural ingredients. These ingredients are combined in the perfect ratio to create the Detox Salad Drink Mix, a flagship product that achieves the perfect balance of ingredient types and portions.

    #ALLKLEAR #全清

    Detox Salad Drink Mix #21 Kcal #Detox with Ease #ShakeandGreen #DrinkableWellness |  Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

    • One sachet contains the nutrition equivalent to 5 bowls of salad, with low calories and high nutrients.

    • It helps with slimming down and detoxification through high fiber intake.

    • It nourishes and protects the skin, while promoting metabolism.

    • Long-term consumption yields more noticeable effects.

    • One cup releases energy from the inside out, providing a refreshing experience for both the mind and body.

    • It is easy to prepare and carry, with a sweet and refreshing taste.

    We are working together with you to create a better natural environment. The New Salad Drink can reduce food waste from traditional salads going bad, decrease the use of plastic containers for food, and lower the amount of electricity and carbon emissions needed to preserve salads.

    6 Reasons to Choose Salad Drink Mix 

    Why should I choose Allklear Salad Drink Mix?

    Drinking New Salad Drink satisfies urbanites' pursuit of health and environmental protection.

    1. Provides additional nutrition and vegetable fiber

    Future Salad Detox Salad Drink Mix, a drinkable salad, 1 sachet equals 5 bowls |   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

    The World Health Organization recommends that adults consume 25-30g of dietary fiber per day. As urbanites, we often eat more meat and less vegetables during our three daily meals, which means we may not be consuming enough vegetable fiber. Our Allklear high-fiber new salad drink contains the fiber, trace elements, and various vitamins equivalent to 5 bowls of salad. It can supplement our body with dietary fiber and fruit and vegetable nutrients, helping to solve the daily problem of insufficient vegetable intake.

    2. No grassy taste, with a clean and sweet flavor

    Future Salad Detox Salad Drink Mix Refreshing Taste   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

    According to statistics, up to 89% of the global population cannot consume enough vegetables every day, and one of the reasons is that the bitter and grassy taste of salad greens is not acceptable to everyone. However, Future Salad's high-fiber new salad drink has been developed over a long period of time to achieve the best golden ratio of taste and effectiveness. It is easy to drink, completely without grassy taste, and retains the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The flavor mainly comes from guava and green apples, which are sweet and sour, bringing people a new salad taste experience.

    3. Ready-to-drink, convenient and easy

    Add 250 ml water to make your own drinkable Salad   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

    The traditional process of preparing salad ingredients can be time-consuming, which may not be suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of urbanites. However, the new salad drink uses the "freeze-drying technology," which breaks away from the traditional method and transforms the consumption of salad into a "drinkable salad." With just adding water and stirring for 10 seconds, you can easily prepare your meal, offering a simple and time-saving dining experience for urbanites. It provides a new solution for busy people to quickly and conveniently supplement their daily nutrition, perfectly catering to those who have no time to prepare meals due to their busy work schedules.

    4. drinkable salad that can be paired with various beverages

    Customize your own drink. Shake it with milk, water, tea, juice   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

    In addition to using water to mix, the new salad drink can also be paired with different beverages according to personal taste, such as oat milk, skim milk, apple juice, etc., to make a variety of special salad drinks that are both healthy and delicious.

    5. Easy detox, high fiber slimming, and rich in nutrients

    Allklear high-fiber new salad drink contains dietary fiber that can absorb water and expand, increasing the feeling of fullness and reducing the amount of food consumed in the next meal, thereby reducing calorie intake and achieving a slimming effect while easily detoxifying. The high-fiber new salad drink is made from 12 kinds of natural fruits and vegetables, suitable for Muslims or vegetarians to consume, and can provide dietary fiber and various nutrients to supplement the micronutrients that are insufficient or not available in the normal diet. It brings many benefits to the body, including promoting metabolism, nourishing and protecting the skin, and maintaining heart health, meeting the requirements of modern functional and healthy diet.

    6. Extend Shelf Life, Reduce Food Waste

    Reduce Carbon Emission, reduce storage occupancy, reduce plastic containers and cutlery and reduce food waste   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

    The impact of global warming and natural disasters has further challenged the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In recent years, global food prices have continued to inflate, and the rapid rise in vegetable prices has caused hygiene and food safety issues, leading to wastage. As a future food technology company, we emphasize innovation and sustainable development. Through space food technology, "ice crystal sublimation drying technology," we transform more than ten natural raw materials from nature into a long-lasting powdered state with extended shelf life.

    How was Detox Salad Drink Mix made


    1. Fresh Procurement

    Our internal team monitors the supply chain and purchases fresh ingredients from all around the world, which are then cleaned and classified for future use.

    2. Carefully Selected Sources

    We choose high-quality and trusted farm suppliers from all over the world, ensuring proper quality control at the source to meet food safety standards by removing substandard ingredients, heavy metals, and pesticide residues.


    1. Freeze Crystallization

    Different ingredients are rapidly frozen at the optimal processing temperature (approximately -36 to -41 degrees), causing free water in the ingredients to become ice crystals.

    2. Vacuum Sublimation

    The ingredients enter a 20Pa vacuum device, where the ice crystals are sublimated into a gas, extracting more than 98% of the water in the ingredients while preserving their nutritional content.

    3. Blown into Powder

    Blow ingredients into a smooth powder with a spray gun.

    Salad Drink Mix vs Salad, Fiber Powder

    Difference between Salad Drink Mix and Salad

    Compared to traditional salads, the Future Salad is different in that it has a longer shelf life and can reduce food waste caused by expired traditional salads. Additionally, the new salad also requires less electricity for storage, less storage space for plastic containers and packaging, and less transportation and usage compared to traditional salads, which results in less use of earth's resources and lowers carbon emissions. Thus, it contributes to environmental protection and creates a better future.

    Quality Assurance

    Packaged salads available in the market may not be thoroughly washed and may contain residues of insects or pesticides. They also need to be stored at 4℃ to prevent spoilage during production and transportation. Eating such salads that do not meet food safety requirements can lead to the growth of bacteria and cause stomach pain. Our Future Salad, on the other hand, is manufactured in a GMP factory in Hong Kong and has passed the STC quality certification. The entire process of raw material selection, production, and storage meets food safety requirements. Moreover, Future Salad uses space food technology "freeze-drying technology" to produce salad, which only needs to be stored at room temperature and extends the shelf life, making it safer to consume.

    Who says salad has to taste grassy?

    Without the addition of dressing, traditional salad greens often have a bitter taste, which requires a large amount of salad dressing to be added for seasoning. However, due to the high fat and calorie content of salad dressing, eating salad with dressing can easily lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. The flavor of Future Salad Drink Mix comes from papaya and green apple, which are fresh and tangy.

    Difference between Future Salad and Fiber Powder

    Future Salad Detox Salad Drink Mix is not fiber powder. The main ingredient in typical fiber powder is a single-nutrient guar gum, which only contains dietary fiber and does not have other vitamins and trace elements. On the other hand, our detox salad drink mix is made from salad greens transformed into powder using "ice crystal sublimation drying technology." The dietary fiber content is equivalent to that of five bowls of salad, and it is made from extracts of over 10 natural fruits and vegetables, providing more than 20 types of nutrients in one package.

    3 Health Signals you May Have

    3 Health Issues Future Salad solves

    1. Bloating and obesity Lack of exercise

    Did your weight loss plan fail again? With over 650 million people globally struggling with obesity, it is largely due to long hours of sitting and lack of exercise in office workers. With busy lifestyles and limited time for exercise, you can achieve weight loss by adjusting your diet and replacing one meal a day with a new salad.

    1st step to Healthy Diet

    Detox Salad Mix - 1 sachet equals 5 bowls of salad fiber

    Feel full up to 4 hours

    2. Low fiber, low nutrition. Addicted to eating out

    Urban people often consume greasy, rich-tasting, and low-fiber foods, and their poor eating habits lead to incomplete nutrient intake. Starting today, with the help of Future Salad high-fiber salad drink, you can adjust your diet and absorb enough vegetable nutrients and fiber.

    Allklear Detox Salad Drink Mix is made from 12 Natural Ingredients

    Who Is Suitable To Drink Salad Mix?

    Who can drink Detox Salad Drink Mix?

    Suitable for: men and women of all ages, weight loss, slimming, body shaping, concerned about sub-health, digestive disorders, constipation, dull skin, acne, central obesity, bad breath, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other people.

    1. People who have gained weight due to indulging in holiday eating
    2. People who are hungry and craving for late-night snacks
    3. People who frequently buy takeout or eat out
    4. People who eat more meat and less vegetables or dislike eating vegetables
    5. People who want to lose weight healthily without feeling hungry
    6. People who are following the 168 intermittent fasting method
    7. People who are following a ketogenic diet plan
    8. Office workers who want a simple and convenient breakfast
    9. People who want to combat post-workout hunger
    10. People who regret overeating at buffets, all-you-can-eat restaurants, barbecue, and hot pot

    6 Amazing Benefits of Salad Drink Mix

    6 Amazing benefits of Salad Drink Mix

    Begin healthy diet  with a simple drink

    Rich in nutrients

    Future Salad Detox Drink Mix is made from extracts of more than ten fruits and vegetables, with pure natural ingredients and containing a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, polyphenols, and trace elements. It supplements the nutrients that are not obtained or insufficiently obtained from regular meals, providing multiple health protections to the human body.

    Detox with Ease

    Dietary fiber absorbs water and swells, which can increase the feeling of fullness and reduce hunger, thereby reducing calorie intake and achieving the effect of slimming and toning. It also helps to reduce the amount of food consumed in the next meal.

    Detox Salad Drink Mix can promote intestinal peristalsis and is rich in dietary fiber to enhance intestinal health, help soften stool, eliminate accumulated toxins in the intestines, and prevent and improve constipation problems.

    12 Natural Ingredients

    What’s in the Salad Drink Mix?

    Future Salad Detox Drink Mix is made from 12 natural ingredients and contains a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and trace elements.

    Wheat fiber: rich in starch, protein, vitamins A, B, E, dietary fiber is 5 times that of brown rice, and protein content is 1.7 times that of white rice.

    Moringa leaf: Contains unique moringin and alkaloids, which have strong bactericidal effects and can treat all kinds of stubborn inflammations. At the same time, it has a certain therapeutic effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and rheumatism, and can also relieve nerves.

    Spinach Fiber: Relieves constipation, promotes intestinal peristalsis, maintains intestinal health, increases satiety, promotes pancreatic secretion, and aids digestion.

    Green tea: Contains tea polyphenols, catechins, vitamin C, minerals.

    Spirulina: Contains protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and photosynthetic pigments.

    Guava/Guava: High in vitamin C, protein, folic acid, carbohydrates, minerals.

    Guar Gum: Water-soluble polymer, a natural thickener.

    Green apples: low in calories, high in fruit acid, protein and lots of vitamins.

    Wheatgrass: Contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, bioflavonoids, polysaccharides and high amounts of chlorophyll, which may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Lemon: Rich in vitamin C, it helps in detoxification and beauty.

    Aloe vera: There are two parts of the leaves that can be used for medicinal purposes, namely the inner jelly-like gel (gel) and the latex (latex) between the gel and the epidermis. The latex part is a yellow and slightly bitter liquid. The ingredients are quinone compounds and glycosides, which are commonly used in the treatment of depression, constipation, asthma and diabetes.

    Oligosaccharide: It is a carbohydrate generally composed of 2-11 monosaccharide molecules, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation and diarrhea.

    Preparation and Drinking Guidelines

    How to drink Future Salad Detox Drink Mix

    Mix sachet with 250ml cold water or room temperature water, or mix with different beverages according to personal taste, such as: vegetable milk, tea, coffee, skimmed milk.

    2 ways to mix Salad Drink Mix


    Product Information

    Future Salad Packages to choose from

    Nutrition Information

    Future Salad Salad Drink Mix Collection

    Nutrition Information

    Content: Each box contains 30 sachets, each sachet is 12g

    Package Size: 12 x 8.1 x 16 cm (H)

    Package Weight: 497g

    Origin : Hong Kong

    Product Certification

    Future Salad's Salad Drink Mix is manufactured in Hong Kong's GMP factory. It passed the STC high-quality certification, and has won many authoritative certifications such as SGS testing certification, Certified Vegan certification, and Halal certification. It has also been selected as a 2020 Hong Kong Rising Star Brand. The products of the same type stand out and are definitely the choice of confidence.