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Future Salad

Detox Green Shake Meal Replacement

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    What is Detox Green Shake Meal Replacement? 

    Detox Green Shake Meal Replacement is an alternative food to reduce the calorie intake in each meal. It is composed of salad drink mix, chia seeds, flex seeds and high-quality nuts. Each serving is only 181Kcal. It provides protein, 5 bowls of salad greens fiber and vitamins. The chia seeds and flax seeds can expand 10 times after absorbing water, providing a feeling of fullness after eating. It can be combined with a variety of beverages such as milk, skimmed milk, vegetable milk, etc. to make meal replacement shakes. Detox Green Shake Meal Replacement is nutritious and easy to prepare. It only takes 10 seconds to provide light meals for those who are managing their weight to meet the needs of one meal. Meal replacements are easy to lose weight.

    According to a survey by the Hong Kong Obesity Medical Association, about 30% of adults in Hong Kong are obese, and the situation is not only in Hong Kong, but also in Asia and the world. Obesity increases the risk of various diseases, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, coronary heart disease and cancer. In recent years, the world has attached great importance to health issues and actively exercised to lose weight. However, many Hong Kong people who work long have difficulties loosing weight.

    Detox Green Shake Meal Replacement is perfect for urban lifestyle. Along with a diet plan, you can easily loose weight in one week.

    Product Information

    How To Drink

    Consume 1 sachet of Detox Salad Drink Mix, 1 bag of Magical Seeds (Flex Seeds & Chia Seeds) and 1 bag of mixed nuts once a day to replace either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Mix the sachet of Detox Salad Drink Mix and the bag of Magical Seeds with 250ml skimmed milk, unsweetened soy milk, oat milk or diluted apple juice. Consume the bag of mixed nuts after drinking. Stay hydrated after consumption.

    Nutrition Ingredients

    Content: Each box contains 7 sachets of salad mix, 7 packs of nuts and 7 packs of mixed flex seeds & chia seeds.

    Origin: Hong Kong

    Product Certification

    Future Salad Salad Drink Mix is manufactured in Hong Kong's GMP factory. It has passed the STC  quality certification, and has won many authoritative certifications such as SGS testing certification, Certified Vegan certification, and Halal certification. It has also been selected as a 2020 Hong Kong Rising Star Brand. Future Salad stands out and are definitely the choice of confidence.