Future Salad二度北上參加2023年第六屆中國國際進口博覽會(進博會)

Future Salad二度北上參加2023年第六屆中國國際進口博覽會(進博會)


Future Salad二度北上參加2023年第六屆中國國際進口博覽會(進博會)


香港,202311月6日 - 今年,品牌Future Salad應香港特區政府及香港貿易發展局的邀請,作為香港代表企業之一再次前往上海國家會展中心參加第六屆進博會。中國國際進口博覽會(進博會)是習近平主席親自謀劃、提出、部署、推動,迄今為止世界上第一個以進口為主題的國家級展會。作為香港近年的創新品牌,Future Salad被寄望將香港的創新面貌展示給世界各地。



是次展覽獲得多位香港政府官員的到訪支持,包括財政司司長陳茂波先生、商務及經濟發展局局長丘應樺先生、貿發局總裁方舜文女士等等。品牌亦獲得多間電視台的採訪,包括中央電視台、東方衛視、浙江衛視等。展位前駐足的人士絡繹不絕,大大展現了媒體及群眾對Future Salad的歡迎與興趣,充分增加了創新品牌持續發展的信心,同時證明品牌有效地宣傳了香港成功初創企業的故事。




除了收獲大量支持與訂單外,品牌亦於現場發佈世界首創零碳沙拉的項目。摒棄傳統沙拉的食用,轉而創新性飲用新沙拉,可以降低沙拉因冷鏈運輸產生的溫室氣體排放、因包裝及一次性餐具導致的塑料污染、以及因極短保質期造成的食物浪費。喝下一杯#全清 新沙拉,不僅為了呵護用家的自身健康,更為地球的綠色環保事業作出一份貢獻。




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Future Salad heads north again to participate in the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) in 2023.

Hong Kong, November 10, 2023 - This year, Future Salad, as one of the representative companies of Hong Kong, has once again traveled to the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai to participate in the 6th Import Expo, upon the invitation of the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is the world's first national-level exhibition with import as its theme, personally planned, proposed, deployed, and promoted by Chairman Xi Jinping. As an innovative brand in Hong Kong in recent years, Future Salad is expected to showcase the innovative face of Hong Kong to the world.

This exhibition has received the support of many Hong Kong government officials, including Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary, Mr. Algernon Yau Tang-wah, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, and Ms. Sophia Chong, the CEO of the Trade Development Council, and so on. The brand has also been interviewed by several television stations, including China Central Television, Dragon Television, and Zhejiang TV. People gathered in front of the booth in an unbroken stream, fully demonstrating the welcome and interest of the media and the public in Future Salad, greatly increasing the confidence in the continued development of the innovative brand, and proving that the brand effectively promoted the success stories of Hong Kong's start-up companies.

During this Import Expo, the brand received inquiries and intention orders from over 200 professional buyers. They include e-commerce platforms, food wholesalers, and more from all over the country. There were also over a thousand spectators on-site who showed great interest in the Future Salad and salad lattes, coming forward to taste these healthy beverages that combine great taste and functionality.

In addition to gaining extensive support and orders, the brand also unveiled the world's first carbon neutral salad project at the event. By abandoning the traditional way of consuming salads and innovatively introducing salad drinks, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the cold chain transportation of salad, plastic pollution caused by packaging and disposable tableware, and food waste caused by very short shelf life. Drinking a cup of #Allklear Future Salad is not only for the sake of taking care of one's own health but also contributes to the green and environmental cause of the earth.

After this Import Expo, the brand will vigorously develop the mainland Chinese market in 2024, dedicating itself to promoting the healthy, environmentally friendly, convenient, and delicious new salad to various provinces and cities in the mainland, benefiting more users with a green and healthy lifestyle, and creating a better home together.