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[Five culprits that slow down your metabolism? 】

[Five culprits that slow down your metabolism? 】

Why has my weight not changed much after controlling my diet and exercising more? It may be that the body's metabolic rate slows down, which is caused by the following 5 main factors:

1. Lack of good sleep quality
Deep sleep is especially important for the body. It can help the brain to confirm the memory function and increase the body's metabolic function. On the contrary, lack of sleep can make people slow to respond, reduce the brain's cognition, increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and maintain good sleep. Quality can maintain the daily needs of the body.

2. Sitting for too long
Many people sit for a long time and lack exercise due to work. The calories burned every day are pitifully low, and the body's new metabolic rate slows down. The way to improve is to do more basic body movements, such as walking several times a day, standing up, Climb the stairs and wait.

3. Insufficient calories
Maintaining the normal functioning of the body requires proper calories. Excessive weight loss causes the body to consume too little calories. The body's instinctive reaction will immediately slow down the rate of calorie burning, greatly reduce the body's metabolic rate, and make the body more prone to obesity.

4. Drink sugary drinks
Sugary beverages can increase free radical damage, accelerate the signs of aging, and slow down the function of metabolism, leading to indigestion and weight gain.

5. Lack of weight training
Weight training is an effective way to maintain the body's metabolic rate. When the muscle mass in the body increases, more calories will be burned. Conversely, people who lack weight training and exercise will have difficulty in consuming the body's calories and make the metabolic rate worse.