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[How much do you know about the benefits of avocado?]

[How much do you know about the benefits of avocado?]

Avocado is the new favorite of the healthy diet in recent years. It has high nutritional value and is loved by adults and children. How deep do you know about this superfood?

Calories in avocado
An avocado has about 320 calories, which is equivalent to the calories of a bowl of rice. Its calories are derived from fat, which belongs to monounsaturated fatty acids (that is, healthy fats). Although avocado is high in calories, it is often used as a food for weight loss because of its high fiber content. After eating, it will feel full and can reduce the desire to eat other foods, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss.

The nutritional value of avocado

The high fiber content of avocado can remove excess cholesterol in the body, keep the digestive system functioning normally, and prevent constipation.

Folic acid
Avocado is rich in folic acid, which reduces the incidence of cancer and heart disease, and can reduce the chance of stroke.

Oleic acid
Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat that can replace saturated fat in our daily life. It helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body and keep blood vessels open.

In addition to vitamins A, C, and E, avocado is also rich in vitamins B1 and B2, so that the skin can restore a soft and smooth state.