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Men's and women's detouation habits and physiological structure are very different.

Men's and women's detouation habits and physiological structure are very different.

Often hear around the female friends said that the toilet can not be "unobstructed", and male friends do not have these troubles, let's see why!

Female hormones
The human gut has a receiver of progesterone and estrogen, and hormonal changes have the opportunity to affect the peristaltic of the intestine, making women more susceptible to constipation before menstruation and during ovulation.
Muscle strength
Women's congenital muscle strength is weaker than men's, the power to promote intestinal peristaltic is relatively poor, when going to the toilet is easier to go dirty, forming cesto.
Pelvic construction
Some women's rectum, vagina between the "rectal vaginal shin" is more relaxed, so detox is more difficult. In contrast, men's rectum front is the prostate, is a relatively strong tissue, so men will not have these problems.
There is not enough water to drink
Women go to the toilet is more inconvenient, with reduced drinking water, but also because of insufficient drinking water and lack of moisture moisture, so that feces more easily dry and hard, the formation of constipation and so on.
Eating habits
Compared with women prefer to eat desserts and other refined foods, these foods are high in sugar content and lack of fiber, long-term consumption will lead to intestinal bacteria imbalance, easy to cause bloating and constipation problems.

Whether male or female, long-term accumulation can cause the intestines to age and lose elasticity early. Clinically there are many patients with chronic constipation, the larger the accumulated feces in the intestines, the loss of the entire intestine's ability to contract and peristaltic, resulting in stomach-full stools, bloating and breathing problems. Please develop a habit of detouation of the physiological clock, do not because of work or life busy on the neglect of the opportunity to go to the toilet Oh!