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[Clear the hotel room   Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese girls show housekeeping secrets]

[Clear the hotel room   Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese girls show housekeeping secrets]

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day... the celebrations come one after another. In addition, under the epidemic, everyone has turned into a "home cook". Fat, it is also easy to form a false belly due to overeating-stool accumulation. Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese girls not only have ways to make-up, but also have different recipes for dealing with constipation. Here I will share with you.

Do you dare to try Japanese defecation?
Japan is a wonderful country, ranging from home-made cosmetics to healthy bowel movements. From time to time, various tools and even secret techniques are used to surprise people. In view of the problem that stool tends to stick to the corners of the large intestine, use both hands to massage the right lower abdomen near the pelvic bone and the left abdomen near the waist every morning. After the massage, twist the waist left and right to promote intestinal peristalsis. , It’s not time-consuming, effortless and very convenient!

The latest "10-minute day lying down", as long as you get up on an empty stomach for 8 hours every day, you can press your belly down for 10 minutes. During this time, you can roll your body 5 times. It can simply stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and create bowel movements. In order to improve intestinal motility, some Japanese girls even give a tablespoon of olive oil every morning to help defecate with the oil. Do you dare to try one tablespoon of pure oil a day?

Koreans love beauty and taste
When K-Pop has already caught up with J-Pop, South Korea's beauty and health aspects are also worth learning from many people. Not to mention that the lemon brine that even the queen Song Hye Kyo praised has the effect of scraping the intestines and clearing the stool, "ABC Juice" is even more popular in recent years! "ABC Juice" not only helps clear the stool and lose weight, because the ingredients only need to be apple, beet root and carrot, which are made by squeezing the juice at a ratio of 1:1/3:1, even more so. Natural and delicious. Apples are rich in pectin and hinder the absorption of fat. The anthocyanins of beetroot can help block fat cells, and the carotene of carrots prevents fat cells from accumulating. With the collection of the three treasures of ABC, it is no longer a trouble to stay away!

The Taiwanese opponents turned out to be "adversaries"?
The Chinese pay attention to consolidating their roots, and Taiwanese are no exception. They use the most "primitive" methods to clear their places. What is it? It's acupuncture points! In addition to going to bed early, drinking plenty of water, and increasing the amount of dietary fiber absorption, Taiwanese girls also massage the Qihai and Tianshu points on their abdomen to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve constipation.

In addition to massaging acupoints on the abdomen, did you think that the right hand is the key to improving constipation? It turns out that the skin from the elbow joint to the wrist is called "ulnar skin". This part has the function of "holographic law" in Chinese medicine and can correspond to the health of all parts of the body. Since the wrist corresponds to the waist, as long as you turn your hands more often, shake it, or even press the Yangxi and Yanggu points on your right wrist, you can help activate the large intestine meridian and small intestine meridian, allowing you to say goodbye to Su Bian!