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[Liver poison, enteric poison, spleen poison   don't be foolish to distinguish]

[Liver poison, enteric poison, spleen poison   don't be foolish to distinguish]

There is a Cantonese saying "no coherence", which means "no big deal", so some people write it as "do not hurt the liver." After all, it doesn't hurt the liver. What's the big deal? This shows that liver health is an important indicator of physical health. We often hear that people who stay up late are prone to "inflammation" and accumulation of liver poison. Do you know that besides intestinal poison and spleen poison, liver poison is related to each other, but the latter two can also have a profound impact on your health?

Liver Toxicity: A tone that is difficult to "break down"
Many people think that the breath problem is caused by gastrointestinal discomfort or the accumulation of oral bacteria. In fact, the accumulation of liver poison can also cause the nail surface to be deformed, depression, cheek acne and breath. Since the liver is the most important "detoxification" organ of the human body, when it is in poor condition or the workload is far overloaded and cannot smoothly decompose toxins, the toxins that the body cannot excrete will increase the ammonia and urea nitrogen in the blood, which will produce strong The smell becomes breath once it is expelled through the mouth. To protect the liver, in addition to getting enough sleep and avoiding staying up late, eating more foods such as green vegetables, seaweed, lemon and green tea can also help the liver detoxify and strengthen the liver.

Enterotoxicity: the way to improve starts with a high-fiber diet
Enterotoxicity, as the name implies, is a toxin that accumulates in the intestine. The human intestine is six to ten meters long, and the area after the folds is expanded is closer to 200 square meters. It is not only the main source of toxins in the body, but because about 70% of the body’s immune cells are distributed in the intestine, once the intestinal health and function decline, It cannot cause the accumulation of toxins and weaken the body's immunity. Generally speaking, the accumulation of intestinal tract not only forms breath, but also induces stool and constipation in severe cases. Therefore, prevention or improvement can be started with a high-fiber diet, such as aloe vera and moringa leaves, which are rich in fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Substances are indispensable elements for intestinal health.

Spleen Toxicity: Common Symptoms of Phlegm and Dampness in Urban People
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the "general of the human body", while the spleen is the "nourishment of life." The former detoxifies and the latter helps metabolism. The two have a careful division of labor and work together. The symptoms of spleen toxin accumulation include spots on the face, breath, edema, obesity, dreaminess, difficulty sleeping, and fatigue, etc. In short, these are also symptoms that we call "damp heat" or "phlegm dampness". In addition to quit eating food that is too raw and too cold, bad habits such as staying up late with tobacco and alcohol and overeating must also be quit one by one. Since intestinal and digestive system problems belong to the scope of the spleen and stomach in Chinese medicine, if the spleen and stomach can be maintained healthy, the intestinal and liver health is not far away.